We repair all types of tack and harness, An estimate will be given based on what is obviously needed when you item is received. We attempt to complete all repairs in a timely fashion, usually within two weeks or less. If we are behind we will ask that you delay brining your repair work in. We must see your saddle to give you  an estimate for repairs. 

Western Saddle Rebuilding

Saddle re-lining Before and After.
Saddles are re-lined with top quality wool skin that we hand pick for each job at our vendors.
Rebuilt saddle Before and After.
Saddles are disassembled to the extent necessary to accomplish rebuilding, the before is partially disassembled before any cleaning has been accomplished, The after is the completed job. This saddle was relined, deep cleaned and oiled, fenders were turned. Saddle was assembled with new saddle strings and refurbished silver
Cantle Repair
Damaged cantle binding removed and replaced with rawhide.

 It is not possible for us to see all of the work that may be necessary to re-build a saddle until it is disassembled. Things such as tree damage and rigging wear cannot be accurately assessed until the saddle is disassembled. Typically to disassemble, clean, re-line, oil, and re-assemble with new saddle strings pricing starts at 365.00. A 100.00 deposit is required when your saddle is received.You will be advised if the price exceeds that before we proceed. If you opt to not accomplish the needed repairs the saddle will be returned to you as is, you will be charged for the time spent and shipping. If it is not safe to use, (broken tree, damaged rigging), we will not reassemble it.

English Saddles

 Worn out and New billets
 New billets installed
 English saddle, repaired, cleaned, oiled and sealed

We do some work on English saddles, the most common repairs are replacing billets, restitching, adding loops for a crupper / britchen and saddle string installation. We also will clean and condition your saddle.

 Pack Saddles

Modified decker pack saddle
Rigged with Nylon double rigging as received, same tree re done with all leather rigging with Nickle plated brass hardware
 Modified decker Pack saddle. Custom double rigged with decker style rigging adjustments

 Custom rigged modified decker tree from above assembled with latigo lined contoured breast collar and britchen. Britchen has rolled edges, all straps are 11-12 oz material. All hardware is brass. This saddle is made to fit a large horse

The above examples are but just a few of the services that we offer, in addition to the above major repairs, there is probably not a piece of mule / horse equipment that we have not repaired.

We stock hardware for just about everything, and vegetable tanned and latigo leather. We purchase chap material and shearling to reline saddles as needed to suite the requirements of each job. If we do not have what is needed we can get it in just a few days.

We also repair horse blankets, we have a large inventory of blanket hardware. Blankets must be CLEAN AND DRY  in order for us to repair them.  You have a choice of the patch color so long as it is black!