We use top quality Vegetable Tanned leather, linings are Chrome Tanned latigo, stitched with Nylon thread. When possible stitching is recessed below the items surface. All edges are hand rubbed till smooth. Hardware is solid Brass, Chrome or Nickle Plated Brass, or, Stainless Steel when available.

Headstalls and Halters

Head stalls and halters are made to fit your Mule, upon receipt of a 15.00 refundable deposit we will mail you a "fitting aid" headstall or halter to ensure that we get it right the first time.


Large mule headstall, Lined with latigo, stamped inlaid brow band. Nickle plated brass hardware

Base price 160.00


Combination Halter bridle, doubled with latigo lining, brass hardware
Base Price: 145.00
Draft headstall doubled and stitched, inlaid brow and nose

Base Price 185.00

Doubled and stitched headstall, lined with latigo. Nickle plated brass hardware
Base Price 85.00
Snap Crown bridal, Doubled and stitched, lined with latigo. All Stainless steel hardware, spots on brow band.Horseshoe brand buckles and conchos.
200.00 as shown
Show halter, doubled and stitched, with nickel plated spots
Base Price 95.00


Six Strap (spider Web), Britchen

This six strap britchen design came about because we could not keep the chincha back  where it would not cause sores, it was not with out a bit of hesitation that the center straps that go to the chincha's center ring were added. We were afraid that it would get hung up on brush, or the mule would scratch it's belly and put a foot through it. This has never happened. We have made a great number of these over the years, and modified many two and four strap britchens to this configuration. The only problem that I have ever had is that it works so well that the saddle never slips front to back, if used with a breast collar. I have had several rather spectacular wrecks when the saddle went sideways because it was so loose! This Saddle is center fire rigged, it will work with any saddle, even double rigged when hooked to the front chincha.

Britchen base price 185.00

Breast Collars and Cruppers

Contoured Breast Collar, Doubled with latigo lining , Nylon stitched. Fleece lining also available.
Base price: 95.00
Molded and folded crupper, illustrated with buckles, can be sewn directly to straps. Single or double strap, strap is doubled and stitched. Single strap illustrated. Double strap available.Fleece lined straps and ring pads also available
Base price: 55.00

Saddle and Horn Bags
These bags are the last ones you will ever need to buy!

Large Saddle Bag
10" wide X 10" deep, 4" inside width. 4 Brass grommets to tie to saddle with the sadgle strings . Rawhide laced at center.
Base price: 250.00
11" x 12" x 5"  also available, base price 275.00

Horn Bags
9" Deep x 8" Wide, Vegetable tanned construction with Chrome Tanned gusset.  2 1/2" inside width to accommodate a holster. Made to hang in front of the Pommel. The diameter of the opening for the horn is made to order with a buckle  to secure it. "Hair on" flap shown at left.
Base price: 175.00



Tapaderos & Hooded Stirups

  Tapadero on a 3x3 metal bound wood stirrup with silver conchos & rawhide lace. Latigo tread covers and wear leathers.
Base Price $200.00
  Hood on a 3 1/2" tread synthetic stirrup, padded tread, latigo tread cover and wear leather and choce of concho. Light weight, 3 lbs / pair.
Base Price $100.00

Chinks & Chaps

Standard length chink, long fringe, border stamped yokes and medallions, left leg pocket with pull thong and horn button closure, and silver conchos 
                   Base price: 350.00
Extra length chink for a 6'2" customer, short fringe, button closure pocket.
Shotgun chaps, front and back belt, pocket.
Light weight chink,  border stamped yokes & medallions, no pocket or fringe 
Base Price 300.00
Fancy chinks, long fringe, full basket stamped yokes and medallions, pocket, nickle plated spots, six conchos.
Price on request .

Chinks have a base price of 350.00, this includes long hand cut sewn on fringe, border stamped yokes and medallions with stamped steel or brass conchos. Pockets add 25.00, twisted fringe 40.00, dyed yokes and medallions 25.00, spots on edge and pocket add 50.00. Custom stamping on yokes and medallions, silver conchos, contrasting color fringe and knives with sheath. priced on request.

Leggings / Half Chaps

  Leggings or Half Chaps are made to order to your leg measurements, we use Velcro tabs to close them so they will fit over a variety of shoes / boots. The ones illustrated are made from chrome tanned chap leather. Nickle plated spots, appliquéd figures, hand carved and dyed medallions or fancy conchoes are an option.

Base Price 90.00



  Your brand on front and back with border stamping. Brand is carved and dyed or burned with an iron. 


 Border stamped front and back

  Figure carved and dyed on front and back, border stamping can also be done
 Our Suspenders are made to order from doubled and stitched 5-6 ounce vegetable tanned leather, Heavy duty elastic and solid brass buckles. The clips to attach them to belt loops are also solid brass. Suspenders are also available with nickel plated brass hardware. We also make them to attach to buttons. The leather can be dyed if you so desire.
Priced from 40.00

We must have your pistol or (or one like it), to properly mold the holster

38 Special revolver and belt, 1850's style holster
Base price: 200.00
22 Automatic belt holster
Base price: 50.00
Left and right side of a horn bag, 38 special revolver,  10 extra rounds of ammunition
Pancake holster, S&W  Airweight 38 special revolver
Base Price 45.00

This is only a small sampeling of gun leather that we have made we need to have you gun to propery mold the holster   

Other Stuff

These are but two of the many styles of spur straps that we have made, they can be plain, border stamped, full stamped, have conchos or spots. They are made to order.
Base price: 45.00
Cuffs also are made to order, the two pair that are illustrated are full basket stamped, have rolled and stitched edges. They both have snap closure at the bottom and rawhide lace at the top.
Base price: 85.00
Cases made for anything, molded to your item if we do not already have a mold  .
Base price:40.00

Bucking Roll
Base price: 40.00
Fleece seat cushion, made to fit each saddle
Base price: 50.00
Monogramed  Stirrup  Hobbel, stamped initals or "burned" brand

Base Price 30.00

Center Fires Rigging adapter. Converts double rigged sadle to center fire. Made to fit each saddle.
Base price: 65.00
This is a nylon folding by pass  loper that can cut green wood up to 1 1/4" in diameter. It is length is 12 1/2" closed  and 15" when open, the clipper weighs only 1 1/2 lbs. Gear drive, steel blades Ideal for brushing a trail.
Complete 90.00


  This leg fly wrap was developed because our mules would destroy the available models in a few days. 
  This design has four nylon reinforced Velcro closures that go all the way around the leg and nylon bound edges. 
    When the wrap is put on in the morning and removed in the evening, they will last a couple of seasons, we recommend this to get the debris out from under them.
    Available in 12 & 16 inch lengths.

$30.00 / pair + shipping




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