Small Stuff & Sale Items

Items on this page are all made out of material from our "remnants" bins, if it on this page we probably have it made up. We make these items "while the glue is drying".
This page will always be  under construction. Items will be added often.


 This is a 1"  bronze mule head mounted on a 1 1/2" leather fob with a 1" split ring.

$7.00 Ea with shipping




Steel Mule Wind Chime 
This wind chime is plasma cut from 1/8" thick steel, it will rust up over time. The connecting wires are Stainless Steel. It is about 20" total height, the mule is 12" tall. 

40.00 Ea plus shipping, approximatley 15.00
Firm cost quoted at the time of an order, weight is 4 lbs.



License Plate
20.00 includes shipping 

5/8" x 12" hand tied coton lead ropes. Long enough to tie up at lunch breaks. Your choice of snap, two of each available.
18.00 ea plus S&H.


Half Chaps with White Bronze Mule head conchos. 130.00 plus S&H. Delivery two weeks. Contact us for quote with shipping.

             Half Chaps with solid brass Star conchos. 110.00 plus S&H. Delivery two weeks. Contact us for quote with shipping.

This leg fly wrap was developed because our mules would destroy the available models in a few days. 
  This design has four nylon reinforced Velcro closures that go all the way around the leg and nylon bound edges. 
    When the wrap is put on in the morning and removed in the evening, they will last a couple of seasons, we recommend this to get the debris out from under them.
    Available in 12 & 16 inch lengths. Both lengths in stock

 $30.00 / pair plus shipping



Cast Bronze American Mule Trainers belt buckle.Only 6 availble 

Special 28.00

Shipping is included

American Mule Trainers Challange key tag.
4 available
4.00 shipping included



In Stock
Very supple light weight chap leather cantle bag Talon #10 brass zipper.

$60.00 + S&H




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