We are proud to now be a Anza Knife dealer. The Anza knives are hand made from files, one at a time. Anza has been making knives one at at time since 1980. Mary Rose is using the same Anza Knife since 1981, she has worn out the original sheath. Anza has over 100 different knives, each one is a "one of a kind" knife, go to www.anzaknives.com  to see all of them. If you would like to purchase a knife and sheath we can offer a discount on the knife.


The sheaths are molded to fit specific knives, the detail can vary widely. Available in left or right hand to be worn on the back out of the way  of the saddle, rope, or truck seat. The sheath will be made to fit your knife or we can provide a handmade knife, ( By Anza Knife), of your choice.

Typical Sheath 


Sheath Options and Pricing

Base Price, Oiled and Sealed






Monogram (Up to 3 Initials or Brand)


Rawhide Laced


Blade thickness (T) and width (W)

6” File

.100 T x ½ W


12” File

.200 T x 1 1/8 W


1/8 T x ¾ W


16” File

.200 T x 1 7/16 W

10” File

.150 T x 1 W




Popular Anza Knife & Sheath Combinations


SP-2-E knife, made from a 10” file. Sheath is Basket stamped, dyed, rawhide laced, oiled and sealed



 NK-E Knife, made from a 8” file. Sheath is dyed, oiled and sealed.



 16-2-E Knife made from a 16” file. Special sheath is oiled and sealed.



 6-1- E Knife made from a 6” file. Oiled and sealed sheath



SP-2 Knife made from a 10” file, Sheath is dyed and oiled. 



 NK knife made from a 8” file. Oiled and sealed sheath



 5-3 Knife made from a 8” file. Sheath is monogramed with initials, oiled and sealed



 10-1-E Knife made from a 10” file. Oiled and sealed sheath


Anza WK-2E Knife, 10" file. Basket stamped and rawhide laced sheath to be worn on front. or in back. Left hand

Customers knife, left hand sheath. Basket stamped and rawhide laced. Sheath only.  

The above is but a small sample of Anza Knives, there are over 100 different styles / sizes. The knives on this page may be no longer available. Go To Anza Kinves, (www.anzaknives.com) web site to view current models, new ones are frequently added. Delivery time for the Anza Knives is normaly 4-5 weeks  


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